Case: Keeping up with 50five’s growth spurts

18 December 2018


MCS fulfilment en 50Five

Let’s start off with a bit of background information: 50five started in 2016, as a spin-out of the multinational utility company Engie (the largest utility company in the world!). The focus of 50five: Smart Homes.

Home automation is big business anno 2018. 50five offers a wide range of products and services, ranging from smart thermostats and smart light bulbs to camera systems and even robotic lawnmowers.

What sets them apart from the competition? 50five provides professional advice, offered by their dedicated team, who are quite the ‘smart home enthusiasts’ themselves, according to Logistics Manager Maarten Metz. They even offer a full installation service, to ensure proper implementation of all their smart home devices.

50five & MCS Fulfilment: the start of a successful collaboration

50five started with large ambitions and they were looking for a fulfillment company able to keep up with their approach. They set up a request for tender, and multiple fulfillment parties applied. However, most parties failed to impress, with their focus being on delivering data management feeds and demanding written statements and agreements about every aspect of the collaboration beforehand.

In the end, MCS Fulfilment proved to be the only worthy companion for 50five, providing them with an open and flexible approach to their request. And with their new flexible fulfillment partner, 50five was able to flourish! Over time they were able to achieve sizeable growth, rapidly expanding their customer base. MCS Fulfilment’s approach to their fulfillment needs ensured that MCS could keep up with 50five’s growth with ease, providing the necessary support in overcoming all logistical challenges that came along with their expansion.

The fulfillment process for 50five

MCS Fulfilment takes care of multiple aspects of 50five’s fulfillment process, starting with the intake of their wares. All products are stored in MCS Fulfilment’s warehouse (centrally located in the south of The Netherlands) until the orders start flowing in. The products are then picked and will be fully prepared for delivery. MCS Fulfilment even handles the shipping, in collaboration with multiple carriers. And any feedback from these carriers is readily available to review for 50five, by using the provided portal.

About 50five’s experience with MCS Fulfilment

50five values our service and appreciates our flexibility during the entire collaboration. 50five Logistics Manager Maarten Metz recognizes the same business growth pattern of MCS Fulfilment, comparing it to their own growth over time. Observing how both businesses were able to expand side-by-side is a great experience for them, proving the potential of MCS Fulfilment as a future fulfillment partner.

A bright future: aiming for further expansion

Eying further growth, 50five aims to expand their product range even further, incorporating all kinds of other smart products like white goods. This creates new logistical challenges for MCS Fulfilment, which MCS would gladly face head-on for 50five.

Furthermore, 50five also indicated their desire for more insights in the process, by means of reports, which will become even more important when scaling up in the future. MCS Fulfilment takes this feedback to heart and will incorporate that into our collaboration in the future.

With both 50five and MCS Fulfilment seeing promising growth over the years, MCS can only dream of what the future will bring us. MCS looks forward to bringing home automation to even more of 50five’s customers in the future, delivering comfort and joy to many households all over Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands and the UK.

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