Case BatteryClerk: Charging up BatteryClerk’s sales in Europe

23 April 2019


BatteryClerk and MCS Fulfilment

BatteryClerk is an online American wholesaler specialised in batteries and replacement batteries. Products range from batteries for smartphones and laptops to batteries for scooters, lawnmowers and motorcycles. Having established a large customer base in the U.S.A. , BatteryClerk set their sights on Europe in 2016.

In order to gain a proper foothold in Europe, BatteryClerk sought the assistance of an experienced fulfillment partner. After putting in some online research, BatteryClerk reached out to MCS Fulfilment. The wide range of services, years of experience and providing the best price/quality ratio were the leading aspects upon which they formed their choice for MCS Fulfilment.

Read all about BatteryClerk’s fulfillment process, the challenges we faced together and their experience with our collaboration in this business case!

The fulfillment process for BatteryClerk

For BatteryClerk we provide all of the core aspects of the e-fulfillment process. All products arrive at MCS Fulfilment for processing and storage in our secured warehouse. As soon as the orders start coming in, accurate order pickers will begin collecting all ordered goods and will prepare them for the shipping process. After the packages are fully prepared for delivery, we will hand them over to one of our trusted carriers. Together with our partners we ensure rapid delivery all over Europe for BatteryClerk’s customers.

BatteryClerk offers a diverse range of products, posing a challenge for the storage and order fulfillment process. However, MCS Fulfilment’s warehouse is able to store all of their products in an organized manner, enabling our order pickers to rapidly collect the right items for each incoming order.

Besides the general fulfillment process we also assist BatteryClerk in other ways. MCS Fulfilment provides detailed reports about all processed orders. This way, we provide BatteryClerk with a valuable overview, which they put to use when filling in declarations regarding the value added tax (VAT) in Europe.

BatteryClerk’s experience with MCS Fulfilment

BatteryClerk is very positive about the collaboration. They value MCS Fulfilment’s personal service and the support provided for all their needs regarding the fulfillment process and associated matters. BatteryClerk appreciates being able to keep in touch with their regular contact person within our company. They also indicate that they have no issues with the time difference between the United States and the Netherlands. All of their questions are answered well within time by phone or email.

By working together with MCS Fulfilment, BatteryClerk is able to scale up their presence in Europe. Many US-based companies are mainly focused on the UK and lack the confidence or know-how to truly gain a foothold in Europe. Collaborating with MCS Fulfilment opens the doors to all European countries, providing a unique and important selling market for BatteryClerk.

Pickup points

Looking at our future collaboration, we see a new opportunity for BatteryClerk, in the form of implementing the use of pickup points for their customers. Within Europe we see a rise in the usage of pickup points. More and more businesses start offering this convenient way of picking up ordered goods for consumers who are not at home during the daytime.

We aim to make optimal use of this possibility with BatteryClerk in the future and look forward to extending our collaboration by further exploring possibilities like these pickup points.

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