Case: Fast delivery of Deliveroo’s equipment

15 March 2018


Deliveroo takes care of speedy deliveries of the best meals and dishes. Speed is key within the entire organisation, driven by a skilful team and supported through a rapidly growing selection of bicycle couriers.

With time being of the essence, Deliveroo discovered a bottleneck: the provision of work clothing and their iconic delivery boxes. This is where MCS Fulfillment came into the picture: we make sure that the equipment gets to the couriers fast, distributed from a central location. This way the couriers are well prepared for their deliveries and the meals are delivered in style!

In this case you’ll read all about our successful collaboration with Deliveroo.

Deliveroo’s challenge

Deliveroo is a fast growing company and is located in multiple larger cities in the Netherlands. The amount of couriers keeps expanding and they, of course, all need the proper attire and equipment. This is where the delivery service ran into a bottleneck. The work clothes and delivery boxes were scattered across the country, lying around in different offices. Not very practical when the couriers have to be equipped fast, so they can hit the road at any time.

Why Deliveroo chose for MCS Fulfilment

In their search of a solution, Deliveroo contacted multiple parties, including MCS Fulfilment. Our motto in Dutch: “Dat pakt goed uit!” (a play on words, referring to the unpacking of our deliveries and meaning something along the words of ‘that turns out well!’) fits well with Deliveroo’s meal deliveries.

During a personal meeting with Deliveroo, MCS Fulfilment was able to act fast and make sure that Deliveroo’s obstacle could be handled quickly. We gladly accepted the challenge of delivering the needed equipment to the couriers in time. As a result, this part of Deliveroo’s process was completely streamlined within only a short period of time.

Our fulfillment solution: central organisation and fast delivery

To make sure that all couriers get their work clothing and delivery boxes in a timely fashion, we set up a central storage depot.

From this depot we deliver the right work clothes and delivery boxes to the couriers. Conveniently, the couriers don’t even have to leave the comfort of their own homes to pick up these supplies. The equipment is neatly delivered directly to the home addresses of the couriers. This way they can hop on their bikes right away and start delivering tasty meals.

The systems of MCS Fulfilment and Deliveroo are connected with the implementation of an API. This way we always have access to the latest data, ensuring we can rapidly supply new couriers with their required equipment.

Deliveroo’s experiences with our collaboration

Thanks to our service and proper solutions Deliveroo no longer has to worry about the availability of the right materials for their couriers. They experience this unburdening as very pleasant.

Now with one less obstacle, they are able to fully focus on expanding the success of their delivery service. This goes beyond expanding to new cities: even deliveries to the gates at Schiphol Airport are a possibility nowadays! Just imagine how the couriers would have to do their jobs at this busy airport without the proper attire and equipment provided by our fulfilment solution.

Just like Deliveroo we like to stay on top of our game. Therefore we regularly discuss our collaboration and keep looking at possibilities to improve and expand our provided services. That way MCS Fulfilment forms a partner one can rely on, with fulfilment solutions for today and tomorrow.

E-fulfillment at MCS Fulfilment

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