MCS Fulfilment is SKAL-certified

SKAL Certificaat

At MCS Fulfilment we are proud of our SKAL-certification. With this certificate we prove that we fully comply with the strict regulations applied to all organic certified products. Read all about the SKAL-certification and the way we adjusted our fulfillment services accordingly on this page.

About SKAL

SKAL Biocontrole is an independent control agency, monitoring the entire production, storage and delivery chain of all organic certified products. SKAL ensures that the entire process complies with all statutory requirements, as demanded by Dutch law. These requirements are passed down by the European government, thus forming the standard for all organic certified products in Europe.

Products may only be labeled as ‘organic’ when the entire chain of production, including storage and delivery, complies with all legal prescriptions. That way, SKAL can guarantee the quality of all organic certified products and ensures that consumers can only purchase organic products which may actually bear the ‘organic’ name and logo.

About the SKAL-certification

Companies in possession of the SKAL-certification have proved that they comply with all the legal requirements regarding the organic production process and the handling of these products.

Since SKAL Biocontrole inspects the entire chain involved with organic certified products, the SKAL-certificate is not just relevant for the production companies. Moreover, the producing companies may only label their products as ‘organic’ when the entire chain of production, storage and delivery complies with the SKAL standard. Every company involved in the process is required to possess a SKAL-certification.This includes the company responsible for the fulfillment of the organic certified products.

The only businesses excluded from this policy are the stores that directly sell these products to consumers (for example: supermarkets and food stores).


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Our fulfillment: how we handle your organic certified products

MCS Fulfilment processes your organic certified products fully in compliance with the regulatory requirements monitored by SKAL. This includes the storage, procession and shipping / delivery.

In regards to fulfillment, traceability of all organic certified products is of utmost importance. Products must be traceable during the entire e-fulfillment process, from the moment they arrive to our warehouse up to the moment they are received by the final seller. Detailed logs are maintained for all products, including data such as batch numbers, serial numbers, date of reception, best before dates and the future receiver of the goods. We store this information with great care and ensure it is always readily available for review when necessary.

Looking for a SKAL-certified fulfillment company for your organic certified products?

Do you require the services of SKAL-certified fulfillment company for your organic certified products? MCS Fulfilment provides all fulfillment services in compliance with the regulations monitored by SKAL. We cover all aspects, from storage, procession and delivery to the final sellers. By choosing MCS Fulfilment, you maintain the right to use the European quality mark for organic products, while also ensuring the rapid delivery of all your wares.

Wish to learn more about our fulfillment options for organic certified products? Contact us directly to inquire about the full range of our possibilities.

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