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References: what do our customers says?

To make the right consideration in outsourcing your fulfilment we have listed a few of our customer references. We understand outsourcing comes a long with a lot of questions. What will happen with your stock? In what way can you gain insights in your data? What will happen when you plan a marketing campaign? What about distribution outside of The Netherlands? What kind of delivery options are available? Nevertheless we are available for any questions you have. In addition below you can find reviews from our customers. Hereby we like to show you how we put effort in creating and maintaining the best services possible.

“Wishing to expand our business to Europe we started looking for a qualified partner to aid us with all logistical processes within Europe. MCS Fulfilment caught our eye because of their wide range of services, years of experience and the right price/quality ratio. ” - , Battery Clerk

“Our enormous¬† growth created physical and business administration challenges, making it hard to keep up with all developments. MCS Fulfilment was able to reduce the pressure on our logistics, clearing the way for us to focus on the most important aspect: the growth of our company. ” - Onno Smits, COO, Queal B.V.

“From our experience MCS Fulfilment is very approachable. Our wishes, challenges and issues always receive the attention we’d like to see. Something we also appreciate: when we are in touch with an MCS employee taking care of our CMS, he/ she is always well informed about our products and webshops, making it easier to improve our business on a daily basis. ” - Sander Manneke, Supernaturals.nl

“Selling gadgets started as a fun hobby for us. In time, it turned out to become quite a logistical challenge. As one of MCS Fulfilment’s first customers we have been relying on their services since 2010. We are especially satisfied with their support during the busy times around the holidays, at the end of each year. ” - Jurgen Agten, Coolgift.com

“Since we started collaborating with MCS Fulfilment our sales have tripled! The ensurance that packages are always delivered on time to our consumers is the most important logistical reason for this succes. And when we start a marketing campaign to increase sales we can always count on MCS Fulfilment to support us along the way. By outsourcing the packing and sending of our goods we clear the way for ourselves to ensure further growth of our company. ” - Sabrina Ruzzi, Marketing Manager, kambukka

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