Crowdfunding fulfillment

Do you need help with the logistical aspects of your crowdfunding campaign(s)? Dedicate your own precious time to the creative process, while MCS Fulfilment takes care of all your fulfillment needs.

We will ensure that your campaign backers receive their rewards in time, regardless of their location. MCS Fulfilment offers a one stop solution, providing the required storage, order picking and shipment of your crowdfunding goods, while also offering you insights into the entire process with fitting fulfillment software solutions.

Crowdfunding platforms

MCS Fulfillment has extensive experience with the following crowdfunding platforms:

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Besides Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Groupon, we also provide fulfillment services for flash sales.

MCS Fulfillment’s crowdfunding fulfillment services

By choosing us for your crowdfunding fulillment, you will profit from our extensive fulfillment services, including:

  • Worldwide shipping options, allowing you to reach campaign backers around the globe
  • 24-72 hour delivery across Europe, ensuring rapid delivery of your goods to European backers
  • Shipping contracts with multiple carriers, providing the required flexibility for your campaign’s needs
  • Fulfillment software solutions seamlessly integrated with the crowdfunding platform of your choice
  • Insight into the entire fulfillment process with our detailed reports

Offering the best possible experience, for you and your backers

MCS Fulfilment’s crowdfunding services provide a positive experience all-around. We understand the logistical challenges that come with delivering to your campaign backers.
By ensuring a smooth fulfillment process from start to finish, we help to provide a positive overall experience for all involved backers.

We will store your crowdfunding rewards in our warehouse until the time is ripe to start sending them out in bulk. By also taking care of the order picking, combining all possible combinations of rewards and by providing speedy delivery possibilities, we are able to take the entire fulfillment process off your hands. That way, you are free to explore your creative pursuits, further developing your innovative products or thinking up new innovations.

Establishing trust and retaining it during the entire crowdfunding and fulfillment process is the key to success. With your campaign backers satisfied with the quick follow up on their investment, you pave the way for maintaining future engagement with these faithful supporters.

Crowdfunding success with a smooth fulfillment experience

To achieve true success with your crowdfunding campaign, it is essential that the entire process goes without a hitch, in order to retain the trust of your campaign backers all the way until the end. Proper fulfillment of the crowdfunding rewards is a key aspect of this process.

By offering a smooth fulfillment experience, MCS Fulfillment helps satisfying your campaign backers, opening up the way for a successful launch of your goods. Do you want to learn more about our crowdfunding fulfillment services and solutions? Please contact us for more information.

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Worldwide shipping options
Transport contract with DHL for Germany
24-72 hour delivery across Europe
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