Processing Returned Products


A good return process is essential for an online store as part of the product fulfilment process. The product returns should ideally be seen as a chance to offer your customer an extra service. A quick process will result in satisfied customers, giving the returns a purpose. Our return logistics is as follows: our standard is to receive the returned products, provide a quality check on the returned goods, process them in our system within 8 hours of receipt, and indicate the reason for the returned order. It is possible, if desired, to do a extensive quality check, as well as establishing an immediate link to enable you to proceed to crediting, in a fully automated manner.


MCS Fulfilment is a transparent product fulfilment company: you can view the status of and reason for a returned order at any time. This allows you to quickly handle each case. Besides this we also provide automized reports. Upon request we can create a daily return overview query. This overview shows the returns from that day.

Are you interested in our approach and would you like to know more about our various e-fulfilment  services? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to explain our services.

Processed within 24 hours after reception
Module with indicated reason for return
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Thuiswinkel Business Partner Skal
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