MCS Fulfilment offers multiple fulfillment software solutions and provides the required IT-connections between your webshop and your e-commerce systems. We are able to easily integrate a wide range of supported platforms, amongst them an increasingly used e-commerce platform: Shopify.

The connection and integration of Shopify with our systems allows us to handle the entire fulfillment process for your enterprise. This way, we can ensure that the fulfillment process will run smoothly, starting the moment the first orders roll in, all the way through to the final delivery of your goods to satisfied customers.

Shopify increasingly more interesting for the European market

Initially, Shopify mostly offered adequate solutions for the American market. However, over the years Shopify has also grown into a full e-commerce solution for webshops outside of the United States, adding useful features and functionalities for European clients. As a result, more and more European webshops have started using Shopify. Nowadays, Shopify still adds new plugins and integrated features for specific European countries to their system, providing a more complete solution for European webshop owners. This way, Shopify becomes an increasingly more interesting alternative for users of other e-commerce systems such as Magento or WooCommerce.

Pick-up point module

MCS Fulfilment developed a rather unique module for Shopify’s checkout system, allowing your customers to choose for delivery to a pick-up point instead of delivering the package to their home address. This allows you to cater to your customers needs when shipping to customers who won’t be at home during the daytime, saving them the frustration of missing the delivery and providing a more positive shopping experience.

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