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1 April 2019

PostNL: an important long-term partner in webshop fulfillment

Guus Munnik, co-owner of MCS Fulfilment, was recently interviewed by PostNL. MCS Fulfilment has been working with PostNL from day one. “For all kinds of different services: from mail and packages to international shipments and returns. PostNL is really a preferred supplier for the last mile for us”, says Munnik.

“I think you should work with the best carrier, often the local hero. In the Netherlands this is PostNL. In other countries we work together with their local heroes. That way we can be sure that delivery quality is as high as possible”, says Munnik.

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Innovation in fulfillment

Innovation is essential within the fulfillment branch. It provides the possibility to distinguish yourself from other fulfillment companies. PostNL offers various innovative solutions to respond to e-commerce developments. Among other things, through the international service Pakjes Tracked (a flexible delivery solution for small international shipments up to 2 kg). That is one of the many reasons why MCS Fulfilment cooperates with PostNL.

For the future, Munnik sees opportunities as well as challenges: “I expect the landscape to change drastically. On the one hand, the platforms will become larger, through consolidation and expansion. In addition, we are going to act even more cross-border. Large international webshops from, for example, China and the US are increasingly focusing on the European market. ”

Would you like to read the entire (Dutch) interview from PostNL with Guus Munnik? Click here.

Business case: Hubble Contacts


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