MCS Fulfilment is a Thuiswinkel Business Partner

Thuiswinkel business partner

MCS Fulfilment is a Business Partner of With this designation we have proven that MCS Fulfilment is considered as a “preferred supplier” within the home shopping industry.

By collaborating as a Business Partner we also like to show that we are closely involved in all developments within the e-commerce environment. Thuiswinkel Business Partners actively share knowledge and information; not only amongst themselves, but also with members of That way, we stimulate new developments and promising initiatives in order to further develop the e-commerce industry.

About is the main interest group for webshops in The Netherlands. By receiving the ‘Thuiswinkel Waarborg’ trustmark, webshops prove their trustworthiness to potential customers. According to, 90% of all Dutch consumers are familiar with their trustmark. Therefore, being eligible to display the Thuiswinkel Waarborg trustmark greatly aids in acquiring the trust of online consumers in the Netherlands.

To ensure the trustmark retains its value, webshops have to make an effort to acquire the Thuiswinkel Waarborg trustmark. thoroughly inspects the webshops compliance with Dutch laws and regulations, safety measures and their financial stability. Webshops require a reevaluation each year in order to remain eligible to display their trustmark.

About the Thuiswinkel Business Partner admission process

In order to be admitted as a Thuiswinkel Business Partner, MCS Fulfilment had to successfully complete the admission procedure. Part of the procedure is a review of our annual accounts, which are analyzed from a perspective of continuity and professionalism. Furthermore, MCS Fulfilment also had to provide positive references.

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At MCS Fulfilment, we take great pride in our partnership with You can view our Thuiswinkel Business Partner declaration on the website of (in Dutch).

International webshops and online stores can appeal for the trustmark as well. Are you aiming to conquer the hearts of Dutch consumers with your webshop and have you acquired the Thuiswinkel Waarborg trustmark? If you are looking for a reliable fulfillment partner, we would love to have a chat! For more information about our services and possibilities, please contact us.

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