Webshop fulfillment: inventory reports keep you on track!

20 September 2018

Do you monitor your webshop’s inventory yourself? Then you probably visit the warehouse location regularly to check the current inventory levels. Especially if you have many products in your assortment, monitoring and managing inventory is very time intensive.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you outsource the inventory management of your webshop?

In this article we share with you how it works including all the benefits.

Webshop fulfillment: do you lose control and insights?

If you choose to outsource your webshop fulfillment, the inventory will be managed by a specialized external party. Does this indicate that you will have less insight and control over your inventory levels? Absolutely not. Inventory synchronization and detailed inventory reports will keep you informed and on track.

Do you want to prevent out-of-stock? Then you easily set the minimum number of inventory for each product. The system will inform you as soon as the inventory reaches below the pre-set number. In other words, the reports ensure that you will have enough time to purchase additional inventory.

Hence, if you choose for webshop fulfillment you will save a lot of time and energy, without losing insights and control over the inventory levels. The fulfillment company keeps you up to date, which helps you to focus and invest time in other important aspects of the business.

Inventory reports: what information is provided?

Every fulfillment company offers the information regarding the inventory in a different way. This is because of different approaches and systems. MCS Fulfilment provides the following information in their inventory reports:

  • The current inventory levels
  • The number of shipped orders
  • A financial overview
  • If you choose to outsource product returns as well, we will provide information about the status of returns

The benefits of inventory reports for your webshop fulfillment

Regular inventory reports and updates ensure the efficiency of your webshop fulfilment. You will always have a complete insight in the current inventory levels. If you set minimum inventory levels, you will receive a notification as soon as your inventory reaches below the pre-set number. As a result, you will always be able to offer a complete assortment to your customers without having to worry about out-of-stock issues.

Inventory reports also offer you insights in the performance of your products. For instance, you will notice good and bad selling products. These insights will help you to make better decisions based on accurate data of your customers.

The complete insights and notifications make it much easier to keep an overview of your webshop fulfillment. Moreover, you will be able to invest more time in managing and growing your webshop.

Are you interested in more information?

Do you want to know all possibilities that MCS Fulfilment offers regarding webshop fulfillment? Or are you interested in more information about our inventory reports? Please feel free to contact us.

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